Bigg Boss 11 First Episode

After welcoming different celebrity form different fields the show saw the common man (citizens) and their stimulation in the house alongside Salman Khan interesting side on weekend episodes. The Bigg Boss 11 guaranteed to bring surprises, gossip, and entertainment this time. Similar to last year, this year also Bigg Boss 11 will come on Colors Television. As the show will go live on television only for some time, the camera of bigg boss will be on for 24 hours. In spite of the fact that even in private place like washroom the camera will be on.Being a participant you must be aware of these cameras, your each activity is being recorded.

Bigg Boss 11 First launching Episode

Bigg Boss 11 First Episode
Bigg Boss 11 First Episode

The first episode of bigg boss is all about introductions and instructions. The first episode of bigg boss is the day for the contestants to analyze each other’s behavior. Contestants were given the rules and regulations to stay in the house and in the competition. The first episode of bigg boss usually said to have registered recorded TRP ratings. The reality show bigg boss is certainly the most talked about highly anticipated reality television show for two reasons. Firstly, it is the first of its kind of show in the Bollywood television industry. Secondly, it is hosted by one of the popular actor Salman Khan who has a huge fan following across the globe. The first day comes with a lot of action in the house with the commoners making the celebs’ life difficult.

Every celebrity and common man contestant are being introduced in the first episode, all the selected contestant being welcomed. They were provided with food for the first day alone and from now on, they will have to cook their own food by their own. As soon as the contestants will receive their luggage, they will be headed straight to the bedroom where they book a bed for themselves.

The first episode of the show expectedly will be a fun watch, interesting and entertaining. The show begins with a dance performance.The participants are mostly from Bollywood- actors, singers, artists, and comedians. From last season common is (Janta) will also participate in the show, so common man will add more energy to the show. This time also Bigg Boss is open for everyone. let’s wait and watch for more fun, more fight, more entertainment in your daily life. If you are here then you must be surely waiting and excited to watch Bigg Boss 11.

With the new format, the house has some new rules as well, given below are some common rules which will introduce to the contestants of bigg boss the very first day.

Any of the contestants are not allowed to leave the house of bigg boss unless you are removed or the decision taken by bigg boss to eliminate or remove you from the house. There are some cases in the past where contestants crossed their limits, and have taken out their mics and asking bigg boss to let them out, but the final decision is of bigg boss, unless bigg boss does not feel it is necessary till then doors remain closed.

*The contestants are only allowed to sleep when the lights go off and have to wake up with the song of a wake-up alarm. Contestants are not allowed to sleep in the day.

*The process of nomination is not discussed publically.

*In last season there was a rule in which celebrities are only allowed to eat boiled items and after the commoners have used the toilets only then celebrities can use it. This rules not only give commoners a right over celebrities but also open up room for fights and drama.

*Each and everyone receives food items from the storeroom only, which are sent by the bigg boss.

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