Bigg Boss 11 Promos

The 11th season of popular reality shows Bigg boss is all set to hit our television screens this September.If you are very curious about bigg boss, this is the time to relax as the first promo on Bigg boss 11.A report prior proposed that this time, the Bigg Boss house will have an underground jail.After the fabulous achievement of season 10, the creators have chosen to have a blend of celebs and common man in season 11, as well. In any case, it’s being said that the theme of the show will be totally unique in relation to the past seasons.

It will be uncovered in the main promo.Every year what really keeps the audience hooked are the various twists and turns that take place during the three months and in the latest promo, the host of bigg boss, Salman Khan seems very funny.The promo is amazing and colorful.Salman Khan watering his plants in a tiny neighborhood, and getting in a war of words with his neighbor who is present downstairs.In recent promo Salman Khan is seen watering the plants and singing, (gamle mein pani do gamle na sukhao, gamla jo sukhgaya to plant mar jayega). An old man reacted to Salman Khan- arae apne gamle ko pani do yar, hamare yaha daily shower kyon khol dete ho. One of the neighbor ladies advises Salman Khan to get married, Salman Khan replied that if she were single then he would have married her.

The most recent secret video has Salman Khan encountering his meddling neighbors, who watch out for each and every development that happens inside his home.As of now uncovered in the main secret, the theme of the current year’s Bigg Boss 11 will be neighbors or padosi. Much like the past season, contestants include common man along with the celebs in the house has been held in the show.A photo of Mouni Roy has additionally risen up out of the arrangements of Bigg Boss 11 promo shoot, adding fuel to the talk that she is probably going to be found in the new season close by Salman.

The promo exhibits Salman Khan being spied by the inescapable neighbors who realize that he dozed before the end of last night as the light was on, what he cooked amid the day as the fragrances leaving kitchen window painted it was Palak Paneer and not to miss that he should be having a “Chakkar” as could be made out from the “Chakkars” he was making while at the same time grinning quietly.Bigg Boss has been one of the most populous reality shows in India that gets its TRPs high with the discussions, controversies, dirty-politics, game-plots, and strategies played by contestants to evict even the best people of the house and no one can judge who’s friend and who’s a foe.

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